Collaboration for
Medical Supplementation of Micronutrients

Collaboration of international experts and health organizations.

The Collaboration for Medical Supplementation of Micronutrients (CMSM) aims for collaboration of patient and citizen health organizations and international experts. This group was started as a patient initiative.

Supplementation and/or therapeutic use of micronutrients is central to our mission. This includes both the use in point-of-care facilities and during further recovery afterwards. We aim to stimulate research on this topic, enhancing awareness, translation of knowledge into applications and involving patient representatives in this process. To achieve these two goals, different methods can be used.

The usefulness and necessity of supplementing micronutrients in the acute phase and during the recovery of a serious illness have been investigated in many studies. A group of scientists, physicians and patients believe that the clinical application of these results will make important contributions to improving the clinical outcome and preventing serious residual damage in the longer term, which occurs over the course of the disease in- and after the acute phase.

What can you do?

If you are inspired by our work, there are different ways to get involved in the CMSM.

  • Spread the word! As a (former) patient or interested citizen, you can spread the word about our mission. This can be done by sharing our activities on social media, staying up to date through our news page and signing up for our newsletter!
  • Share with patient organisations and researchers. Next to spreading our message, you can make your experience count by sharing it with patient organisations and researchers. That way your combined experiences can amount to enough evidence to change the status quo. If you are interested in sharing your experience but don’t know where, feel free to reach out to us! 
  • Become a member of the Round Table (RT). As an interested professional or patient representative you can become a member of the round table (RT). This group of scientists, physicians, and patient representatives from all over the world support the message of the CMSM by giving their input during RT sessions, discussing our future roadmap and actions to be taken, by supporting the letters we send out, and by actively sharing our messages. Are you inspired to share new insights with your colleagues? Or to apply new knowledge in your work? We can also supply you with literature on specific topics, and connect you with experts in our RT that might be of help to you. Also have a look at our Round table and collaborations page. 

Through the CMSM, we hope to increase interest in the value of micronutrients for a better quality of life for patients. If you wish to become involved, you can reach out to us, or stay up to date through our newsletter.

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